Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cancer experts in a unique seminar

A UNIQUE meeting took place in Basingstoke when around 60 multi-disciplinary cancer experts travelled from far and wide to attend a special colorectal clinical trials seminar which could deliver a big boost to patients.

During the event at The Ark conference centre, the clinicians attended talks about different clinical trials and how they could benefit patients.

The talks were given in the hope that by educating clinicians about the types of trials and their various benefits, they would be able to 'match' patients with the appropriate trials.

Every year, 38,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer, and the majority are eligible to be entered into such a trial.

There is a strong belief amongst clinicians that patients who participate in clinical trials have better outcomes - yet recruitment for trials is slow, often due to uncertainty about which trial will be of most benefit to each patient.

Mr Brendan Moran, consultant colorectal surgeon at Basingstoke hospital, said: "Patients in trials nearly always do better on average."

At the meeting, there were specialist sessions for members of the cancer team including surgeons, nurses, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists.

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