Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'We shared hospital beds on our wedding night': Bride kept tragic secret that husband-to-be had three months to live so she could marry him

When Carrie Coggins proposed to her husband Ric, she was hiding a terrible secret.

Ric had been diagnosed with bowel cancer and tragically Carrie had just been told that he only had three months at the most to live.

So she did the bravest thing any bride-to-be could do. She didn’t tell Ric how much time he had left, and instead went through her wedding vows knowing she would have only a short time left to spend with her husband.

Mrs Coggins, 30, said: ‘When the doctor told me Ric only had three months to live, I was devastated.

‘But I asked him to marry me, and on our wedding day I knew how little time he had left, but he didn’t.

‘I didn’t want to tell him, as I wanted him to keep on fighting right until the end.’

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