Thursday, 8 March 2012

Yeovil Hospital awarded £250k cancer research grant

THE Department of Health has awarded Yeovil District Hospital a prestigious £250,000 research grant aimed at improving the quality of life for patients with rectal cancer.

The research will be led by Consultant Colorectal Surgeon Mr Nader Francis (Research Lead) supported by a Research Fellow in Surgery and a Research Nurse.

The study will involve 50 patients from Yeovil District Hospital and five other hospitals aiming to identify the most beneficial time for patients to have surgery following chemo-radiotherapy for rectal cancer.

This research will be in collaboration with Imperial College, London and the Yeovil team will be working closely with Professor George Hanna to find ways of assessing surgical performance in advanced rectal surgery.

Mr Francis said: "Surgery is the mainstay of treatment for rectal cancer but when the tumour is advanced, patients may have to undergo chemo-radiotherapy in order to reduce the tumour size prior to surgery.

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