Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New bride dies after being told: You're too young to have that kind of cancer

DOCTORS shrugged off concerns and claimed her symptoms were just bad period pains.

A BRIDE died four weeks after her wedding – from a cancer she was told she was too young to have.

Laura Connolly, 31, had visited GPs a number of times over a two-year period, complaining of crippling stomach pain and bleeding.

But doctors shrugged off her concerns, claiming her symptoms were just bad period pains.

By the time Laura was finally diagnosed with bowel cancer last July, the disease had spread to her liver and lungs.

She wed her childhood sweetheart Alan last month and passed away exactly four weeks later.

Laura’s mum Lesley Shannon, 54, said her daughter would still be alive if her complaints had been properly investigated.

She added: “We will be burying our beautiful, precious daughter on Wednesday.

“She lost her brave and hard-fought battle against bowel cancer.

“Laura complained of various symptoms for a long period but her cancer went undiagnosed and when she finally had the colonoscopy, it was inoperable.”

Laura, of Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow, wed Alan at Glenskirlie House, near Banknock, Stirlingshire, on March 1.